Who can qualify for a VA loan? Do you have to have military benefits? I’ll go over the answers to those questions today.

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Who qualifies for a VA loan? I get asked this question quite often, and I’ll go over the details behind qualifying today.

It’s true that in order to qualify for a VA loan, you have to be a veteran. However, a lot of veterans have spouses that are not associated with the military. Can they both qualify if that’s the case? The answer is yes.

Fiances are another story. If you are not married, your fiance would also have to have military benefits in order for you to both qualify. If the fiance of a spouse does not have military benefits, they would not qualify for the loan.


The main thing that the VA wants to achieve is making sure the people taking advantage of VA loans are actually living in the home purchased with one. Gone are the days when people could co-sign for a VA loan. Again, a spouse can certainly co-sign and qualify for a VA loan but don’t plan on having a fiance do that unless they qualify on their own.

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