Today, we’re going to talk about why you need your own Realtor.

When driving around looking for a home, you might come across a house you like with a yard sign featuring a phone number.

Most people are tempted to pick up the phone and call, but you need to know that the number on the sign is for a Realtor who represents the seller. They have a signed contract with that homeowner, meaning that they’re not financially obligated to represent your interests, and don’t have to inform you about any known issues in the house. They have no fiduciary responsibility to you as a buyer.

“A buyer’s agent will represent you and only you.”

This is why it’s important for you to have your own Realtor. When you have your own representation, it doesn’t cost you anything because the selling fees are paid for by the seller of the property.

A buyer’s agent will represent you and only you. They’re obligated to protect your interests. Your Realtor will work in conjunction with the seller’s agent to negotiate the best deal for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Remember, it doesn’t cost a penny to talk.