What is the difference between an inspection and an appraisal? Today, I’d like to clear up some key differences.

Many veterans call me believing that the VA is going to do an inspection on their home, when in fact, that’s not really the case. The VA will appraise a home, not inspect it.

An appraiser is there to view the property, measure it for square footage, take pictures of the home, and study the property as a whole to determine its value. This is done by comparing it to other properties with similar square footage and amenities that have sold in the area.

“The VA does not require a veteran to get an inspection of the home they’re buying.”

An inspector, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about the value of the property. Inspectors are there to measure the home’s functionality. In other words, the inspector’s goal is to make sure that the air conditioning and heating system is working, any appliances are fully functional, the electrical framework is up to scratch, and that there are no safety issues in the house. The inspector will generate a 35- to 40-page document with pictures of anything of interest found that needs to be addressed.

To be clear, the VA does not require a veteran to get an inspection of the home they’re buying. Personally, I would never buy a house without an inspection, but under the terms of the VA loan, they’re not necessary.

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