VA loans allow you to buy a wide variety of properties.

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If you plan to use a VA loan, you might be wondering what types of properties you can use your VA loan for.

The most popular use is for a single-family residence, but you can also use a VA loan on a multi-family property like a duplex or triplex, but you can’t go higher than four units in one building. To use it on a multi-family home, the cardinal rule is that the veteran must occupy one of the units as their primary residence. You can also use a VA loan for a condo if it’s on the list of VA-approved condo associations, which I can send you.

You can use a VA loan for a townhouse, and it doesn’t have to be on any list. You can also use it on manufactured homes that are 1976 or newer. It’s allowed for single-wide or double-wide manufactured homes, but it’s almost impossible to find a lender who will offer a loan on a single-wide. Manufactured homes must also be properly attached to the ground with a HUD-style foundation—it can’t just be tied down sitting on concrete blocks.


You can also use VA loans for modular homes, which are growing in popularity.

I get a lot of questions about using VA loans on acreages as well. Many lenders will tell you that you can’t use it on a property with 20 or 30 acres, but that’s simply not true. VA loans do not have a limit on acreage; it just has to make sense. More importantly, they want to know the use of the land because they don’t want to finance a home if the veteran is going to use it for a for-profit use.

Finally, you can, in fact, use a VA loan for a home with an agricultural tax exemption. You can’t use it to buy raw land, however.

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