I get a lot of questions about VA loans and the eligibility restrictions. Can you use a second VA loan? Can you rent a home purchased with a VA loan? Find out here.

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people, which is great. I wanted to answer a few of them today. One of the most common questions I get asked about VA loans goes like this: “Pat, I have used my VA loan to buy a home in the past, can I use it again?”

The simple answer is absolutely yes. All veterans and active military have the benefit of using VA eligibility to buy a home. When someone uses it the first time, all they have to do is pay off the house or sell their current home, and it will free up their eligibility.


The other question I often get goes like this: “I already have a home with a VA loan on it, and I have been renting that home out. Can I buy another house with a VA loan as well?”

Yes, you can have two VA loans at once, but there are some restrictions. You will have to fill out a form for us, and then we can insert those numbers and tell you how much more you can borrow on another VA loan in addition to your first.

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