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NMLS 63371 is to be your best resource for Mortgage Banking. I make my living helping Active Military people as well as Veterans. Whether you are a Prospective Client or a Realtor, our team of professionals can answer any questions you might have about Texas Vet & VA Loans. Subscribe to this blog to get the answers to the most popular questions for you and to get the necessary tools to make a proper decision on a Home Loan using the Texas Veterans Land Board Program.


Can You Still Get a VA Loan Post-Bankruptcy?

If you had a bankruptcy in the past and it involved a home that you used a VA loan to purchase, you haven’t lost your eligibility. Here’s the situation you’ll face instead.


Who Qualifies for VA Loans?

Who can qualify for a VA loan? Do you have to have military benefits? I’ll go over the answers to those questions today.


Answering Some Common VA Loan Questions

I get a lot of questions about VA loans and the eligibility restrictions. Can you use a second VA loan? Can you rent a home purchased with a VA loan? Find out here.


I Specialize in Working with Military Clients

I offer all types of mortgages, but my specialty is making sure military personnel can buy their dream homes.

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